Kat Made is for all the babes who love unique jewelry but want a piece that is affordable, fashionable and can be versatile. Pieces that compliment any outfit and make a statement leaving you feeling confident and looking babely.  Always on trend these unique pieces will make anyone take a second look.

                 “People will stare, make it worth their while” – Harry Winston                                                                                   


How it all began.. 

 I started making jewelry 4 years ago for myself and as gifts for friends and family. Whenever I wore my jewelry out I would compliments and asked where I got it. I thought to myself why not try and start a small business out of something I'm passionate about and to be honest the rest is history! It's such a great feeling when people tell me how unique my jewelry is and how many compliments they get on my pieces! 

My ultimate goal is to make my customers feel confident and sexy in what they're wearing. If my piece makes that outfit that much more unique and makes you feel like DAMNNN I look good then YES I've reached that goal! 

I created Kat Made's brand by the way I see fashion trends and jewelry that I want to wear. Simple, Badass and Boho. I try and create pieces that are simple enough to wear to work, badass to wear with that leather jacket and a little boho for that gypsy goddess in us all.(You just gotta let her out!) Without the support from my family and friends and of course my customers I wouldn't be where I am today so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 Love Kat  xo


 “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein 



"I stumbled upon Kat Made Jewelry during a flea market, and I'm so glad I did! My style is minimalist and her pieces are the perfect compliment to add something special to my look. I always get compliments whenever I wear her jewelry! My favourite item from Kat Made Jewelry is the Fishbone Cuff- it's so unexpected but really helps define my style and has since then become a signature piece. As a bonus, Kat is really sweet! She makes an effort to get to know her customers and is always flexible and willing to customize pieces. Kat Made Jewelry is a hidden gem that everyone should discover!"

- Dorothy 

"It's so refreshing to see a local artist creating unique jewelry that you can't find anywhere else. Kat Made Jewelry has an edgy boho vibe that instantly makes any outfit that much better! I have purchased body chains, earrings and necklaces from Kat and have gotten SO many compliments on the jewelry from total strangers. She even made me a custom leg chain after listening to me talk about how badly I wanted one. I'm always impressed with the quality of materials Kat uses and how well the pieces are made. Kat is a true talent with an eye for fashion and cutting-edge design! I look forward to seeing this girl take over the world!


Kat Made Jewelry, more like Kat made me the best jewelry!! I often have trouble finding jewelry because I tend to imagine and design a specific pieces that I have no chance of finding, Kat made what I imagined and couldn't find just for me. I saw some of her work on her Instagram page when I was thinking of getting a body chain for my summer vacation. I saw some great chains and she made one specifically they way I wanted. Then when planning my engagement party I knew I wanted to wear a beaded head piece for the party. After finding a beautiful example on Instagram I simply sent the photo to Kat, as I knew there would no way I could find one just the way I wanted. Not only did Kat make it for me but also altered the design for exactly what I wanted. It is definitely one of my favourite pieces of jewelry I have ever purchased! Kat makes me the best jewelry, every time I have purchased anything from katmadejewelry I have been more happy with what I have gotten!!


You were wearing an amazing head piece and when I asked where you got it you said it was your own creation. I bought an identical one. I love it because it completes my look by adding the perfect amount of sparkle. Since then I have purchased two beautiful triangle necklaces that I wear together. They are funky enough to wear out at night and simple enough to wear to work. <3 katmadejewely="" :="" i="">


I have bought Kat Made earrings, necklaces, and a bangle, all because they were pieces that immediately caught my eye, and I had never seen anything like them in the stores. I love owning jewelry that nobody else has. I wear them all the time, and every time I have them on I receive numerous compliments. They make great statement pieces to dress up an outfit, but can be worn casually as well.. and best of all, they are really well made!!